WD Catalog 2018


UNITS Each unit has been designed for on-road or off-road use. Most are universal in application but vary as to how they are mounted (rooftop, horizontal or vertical surfaces).

CONDENSERS The condenser cools hot refrigerant gas to a liquid. The cooler the refrigerant is when it gets to the air conditioning unit, the more effective the system. This lowers system pressure and can extend compressor and clutch life. Three types of condensers are available from Red Dot: radiator, roof and remote mount. The radiator-mounted style (can be hood-mounted as a grilldenser) will be the least costly as it does not need a separate motor-fan assembly and refrigerant hoses are shorter in length. INSTALLATION KITS These kits have been designed to simplify the ordering of all the small parts necessary to complete an installation. A typical kit includes refrigerant hose, refrigerant fittings, receiver-drier (high capacity) with mounting bracket, clamps, tie wraps, nuts and bolts as required. A trinary or binary switch may also be included with certain kits. COMPRESSOR, CLUTCHES, SERVICE VALVES Red Dot offers a variety of compressor choices. The traditional two-cylinder compressor is available with a cast aluminum body ( CCI/York 210 ) . When using these compressors the clutch and service valves must be ordered separately. Rotary compressors manufactured by Sanden or Que are available in 8 and 10 cubic inch capacity. The clutch is included but service valves must be ordered separately. The shape of rotary compressors typically allows installation in a more confined space. Rotary compressors also tend to be smoother-running ( less vibration ) .


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